Why the rest of the world hates the U.S.


Goldschläger is defined by DrinksMixer.com as "A clear swiss cinnamon schnapps, containing 24 carrot gold leaf flakes." This is why the rest of the world hates the united states. We are so filthy rich that we have drinks with gold in them. People starve in other countries and we find new ways to consume more. Yes, I know that Goldschläger is a swiss made drink, but I'm pretty sure that a lot of it is consumed here in the U.S.

Posted byJ. R. Guinness at 12:30 AM  


The Pink Kitty said... 11:24 AM  

People actually drink this? Don't the gold flakes get stuck in their throat? Can you strain it and take all the gold and melt it together to have a nugget of gold? Augghhh! too many questions... good thing I dislike cinnamon

J. R. Guinness said... 1:38 PM  

No, the gold flakes don't get stuck in your throat. Gold is one of the best metals for using in the human body because the body accepts it so readily. It really doesn't cause any allergic reactions. I supppose that you could strain it for the flakes, but i think that you would be better off buying old gold jewlery from a pawn shop and melting that.

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