How to be a Bastard

I've decided to start a new feature entitled How To Be A Bastard. These are just things that I've thought of. I don't recommend that you do any of them and I don't take any responsibility for any repercussions of your actions.

The Great American Smokeout
This Thursday, Nov. 18th, is the 28th annual Smokeout. You can check out the website here. This is when the American Cancer Society encourages people to quit smoking for one day.

On Thursday, I'm going to smoke a cigar in celebration of the Great American Smokeout. Just to be a bastard. I even made a sign for you to use:

Inspired by a sign at my local cigar shop.

Posted byJ. R. Guinness at 12:30 PM  


Anonymous said... 4:09 PM  

haha funny page...good job, now im ready to be a bastard too.....

Anonymous said... 4:10 PM  

i really am a complete bastard, and im loving it!!!

Anonymous said... 4:12 PM  

im a bastard hacker....dont you just hate them bastard hackers!!!

Anonymous said... 4:14 PM  

only joking im just a bored bastard....why was i even searching "how to be a bastard"? just shows that no matter what your page tags are,you will get noticed!!!

Anonymous said... 6:09 PM  

It's ironic that all of you claim to be bastards and boast about it. But it just makes you look like total nerds trying to be big hard men. Go back to your basements you little wierdos

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