Reasons why I'm glad that I'm a guy.*

*Please note that these are in no particular order. Also note that this list will be updated as regularly as possible. Something else of note. I am not mysoginistic. These are intended to be funny.

No makeup. (Unless you are in the theatre, and then it is perfectly acceptable.)

No need to buy a new outfit for a social event. (You get credit if you remember to wear black socks with your black shoes.)

About 4 or 5 pairs of shoes is all you need.

Short haircuts mean that you don't have to do anything to your hair.

The ability to avoid potentially "bad hair days" by merely putting on a baseball cap.

Peeing standing up.

Guys can have a "beer gut" and still feel sexy.

No menstrual cycle.

No menopause/hotflashes. (If you are a guy and you are experiencing hotflashes, more than likely you are on fire...literally.)

Graying hair is not the end of the world. (In fact, it could make you even sexier.)

Not having to wear a bra.


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