Neutral Karma.

Apparently the neurons in my head will occasionally misfire and an idea such as this one will manifest itself as the result. The result of this latest particular misfire was Neutral Karma. Think about it. Karma is like a scoreboard on a scale the size of the entire universe. All the good things that you do are added in the positive category and all the bad things you do are added into the negative category. Then, at the end of this life, your total is reached. If you got enough points in this life to add to your total score, you reach the next level. But, if you did enough bad things to detract from you total score, you go down a level. I can imagine a bunch of semi-deity accountants comparing your credit/debit columns and telling you that in the next life you are going to be a lawyer.

But where my own personal oddities come in is in the idea of maintaining a neutral karma. For example: I eat meat (a form of killing), but I give blood (a form of life-saving). Wouldn't these two acts neutralize one another? I wonder if it is possible to live life in such a way as to maintain a score of zero on your karmic scoreboard.

I think it's thoughts and questions like these that require me to limit myself to having a select group of friends.

Posted byJ. R. Guinness at 3:45 PM  


dualistic said... 2:04 PM  

Interesting idea. I would assume it's possible, wherein a human will reincarnate into a human. Also, don't forget there is one extra factor: That some of your bad karma is subtracted when it is "repaid", and that's not by doing good deeds, it's by having bad things happen to you.

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