Since an extensive (5 minutes) google search found nothign on this, I am going to claim (rightfully so) that I was teh first person to state on the internet that the "Seizling Institute" in the film Adam Resurrected is the same as the bad guys hideout in Quantum of Solace.

Damn, I have too much free time on my hands.

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You little bastard.

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A New Entry to the List of the Type of People that I Hate

Squeaky Wheel:

A Squeaky Wheel is that person that thinks that by getting a supervisor invlolved, they will get their way.
The SW thinks that if they bitch loudly enough & long enough, then they will get their way. This is the same person that, when a manager does come over to listen to their self-important dribble but doesn't give them everything that they want, will threaten to a) write a letter to the president, b) sue the company, or c) both.

When confronting a SW, the best plan is to stick to your company's policies. Unfortunately, there are those placaters out there who will bend to the SW's desires. This only encourages the SW to think that they can repeat the same actions at other places & get similar results.

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