Handicapped People Are Assholes!

Okay, so obviously, not all handicapped people are assholes. However, it seems that most of them are. I have a story to illustrate my point. I work at a state building. We have a parking garage. In said parking garage we have about 10 more handicapped spots than we are federally required to have. There are also about another 10 or so in the parking lot for our building. Even with all of these spots, we usually don't have enough handicapped parking to accommodate all of our handicapped employees (including 5 of whom are wheelchair bound) and any handicapped visitors.

This has created a problem for us. Specifically that any of the wheelchair bound employees who need to have a van accessible parking spot, can't get one. So, someone came up with the idea to reserve five of the van accessible spots on the bottom floor of the parking garage for those people who were in wheelchairs. Great idea, huh? Especially seeing as how we had more than we were required to have, right? So, the powers that be changed 5 of the parking spots to reserved and handed out those to the people in wheelchairs. They also had security monitor the spots in the morning and notify people of the change in status of the parking spots. People were livid. From day one there were people bitching about the change. One person even filed filed a civil rights claim against the people in charge of this. (Apparently their civil rights had been violated because they had to use one of the other handicapped parking spots.)

After a couple of weeks, the signs were changed back and the reserved spots went back to being handicapped spots and anybody in a wheelchair got a collective middle finger from anybody else with a blue hanging tag.

I have given this incident some considerable thought and have come to the following conclusion: Political Correctness is to blame for this incident. Hear me out. It used to be that we had gimps, cripples, and lames. But then, somebody got their feelings hurt, and now they are all categorized as handicapped. Even this term has fallen into disfavor with some who prefer the term handi-capable. Take that into account with the belief that everyone should be treated equally and you have people who barely need to use a cane thinking that they are just as needy of a parking space out front as the people who can't use their legs. There are varying degrees of any segment of society, no matter who they are. With that comes the need to treat different people in different manners. As a result of all of this the people who need those spots the most, are the ones getting screwed out of them.

As a side note, I wish to address all of those people who have the disabled parking tags, but aren't in wheelchairs. I, along with many other people, understand that you may have back problems or an ingrown toenial or whatever it is that qualifies you for your special place, but as outside observers, we don't know what you are feeling. Therefore, we can only make judgements based upon what we observe. That being said, if you park in a disabled parking space (even rightfully so) and are fortunate enough not to use a wheelchair, at least limp. That way anyone that sees you will know that there is a reason for you parking there. Otherwise we all just think you're some asshole who is playing the system or has borrowed someone elses tag so that you can park closer. That's all. Just limp.

Oh, and by the way, obesity is not a disability. Fat people shouldn't get handicapped spots. They should have to park at the far end of the lot and actually walk.

Posted byJ. R. Guinness at 7:07 AM  


Louise said... 6:29 PM  

Agree about fat people. They need to walk, not roll!

Louise said... 6:33 PM  

A real diasabled asshole!
Out with friends one night and this woman was pushing this guy in a wheelchair. My friend and I walked on either side of him as we passed he put out his arms and grabbed our crotches! I was livid! I turned around and started pounding this guy's shoulders yelling that just because he is in a wheelchair he has no right to do that! He said nothing and the woman punching him just stood there like she was used to it!

Unknown said... 3:16 PM  

I've been in a chair for about 6 years now. Pretty lucky guy very able-bodied was young and in good shape when I broke my back, so I've stuck with a good "able handicap body".

Over my corse of time in the chair I've never needed to be close I just need room to open my door all the way and put my chair together. I'd be all for having chair only parking in like the back or middle of the lot with the marked off space to get out.
80% of the handicaps you speak of wouldn't even take those they either need or just want the closest spot. Any one with self respect takes no more than they need and there's a lot of handicaps chairs and non that just take advantage and feel entitled.

If got mean looks from someone watching me take my chair out while they roll by with an oxygen tank smoking the the damn thing that gave them that blue tag.

I don't even deal with it in the summer though hardly even drive if I'm not going past 7-10 miles of my apartment is just push. I know I know... very un-American of me not to be lazy.

N said... 2:05 PM  

There is one who's in my school. He kept touching me or trying to touch me and runs away like someone's going after him. Also when I did something wrong, he was like "HMMMM" like he was laughing at me. I want to punch him in the face.

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