Recently I've gotten back into playing Blogshares. For those of you who don't know, Blogshares is the world's largest online, virtual stock market. The "companies" are blogs. You can buy and sell shares in these companies as well as a whole host of other activities to make yourself some serious fiction dough. Everyone starts out with 500 Blogshare dollars, or B$. From there itis up to you to wheel and deal your way to the top.

I first found out about Blogshares while searching Google for my own blog. Since then, I have become a part of the community. I now have an official role within the game. I am an editor. That means that I am responsible for keeping the help pages and whatever else I find up-to-date and free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Recently changes were implemented with regards to how the system determines the values of the blogs within the Index (Big listing of all the blog in the different industries). With my help and the help of other players, my blog rose to the top blog in the Austin Industry. I just found out tonight that my blog is also the top blog for the Texas Industry as well. :D

This is great news coming on the eve of Texas independence Day (March 2nd).

I highly recommend that anyone who reads this sign up and try out the Blogshares game.

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