You're a retard if you think this makes you independent.

In my never-ceasing effort to point out how monumentally stupid people can be, I presnt to you: Shana While I was tooling around blogs for Blogshares, I came across this little gem. It was an ad on the side of a page, and while I normally dismiss these out of hand, this one caught my eye. The girl was cute, and dressed in that indie, arm-cock wearing, my hair is dyed black because the weight of the world presses down upon me, middle school girl type of way. And she was cute. Then I saw the tag-line for the ad: Shop Indie.

Let's take a minute to review the term, indie. Indie is short for independent. According to the first entry in The Random house Unabridged Dictionary, 2006 ed., independent means: "not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself." Now, if you are buying your "independent" clothing and accessories from a website that says that it is independent and is the front end of a business that mass-produces these items, then you are not independent at all. Most of all you're not even an independent thinker.

There's a common look to most of the people in this "indie" category. That looks is supposed to say, that I don't conform to societies norms or standards. What is really says is that "I want to look like I'm poor." This has been done before. Before they were called indie, hey were called Bohemian. And guess what? They were a bunch of retards too. Dyeing your hair black is not counter-cultural. The ready availability of hair dye in most grocery stores indicates that it's a very common thing. Do you want to know something else? It doesn't matter what type of clothes you are wearing, you're still wearing clothes and that is part of society's norms. Be a real rebel. Walk around your hometown in the winter with no clothes on. Then you really will be going against the norm!

This post is dedicated to all of those retards who think this stuff is cool.

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