Happy Freakin' Whatever.

In an effort to be more inclusive of other's religions, I have now resorted to the saying the title of this post during the "Holiday Season."

On a serious note. I sincerely hope that everyone is able to achieve some joy, no matter how small, out of the season. I hope that no matter what our various beliefs are, that we can take this time out of the year to see each other not as being different, but as being the same and that we can spread some peace, hope, and most importantly love during this "Holiday Season."

Gift of Light.

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Raising awareness of the homeless.

As a foreword, I have recently gotten into photography. I use a Kodak C633 point & shoot digital camera. I also post my photos on Flickr. Recently, I joined a group on Flickr called Vagrants. The purpose of this group is to raise awareness of homelessness around the world.

Here are some of my better shots of the homeless:

Vagrants - I just want a hot dog Vagrants - Back on the street

Vagrants - A portrait of Nobility Vagrants - Trash Picking

Click on any picture for a larger version.

I know that a lot of time panhandlers can be annoying or even frightening. I also know that there are people out there who are preying upon the good nature of others, but there are also people with genuine needs out there. So, please donate to one of these groups, or to your local church.

Homeless Advocacy Project: link
National Coalition for the Homeless link
National Interfaith Hospitality Network (Family Promise) link

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