Taboo Language.

I've been thinking recently about what could be termed "taboo language" in our society. Namely, I've been thinking about ethnophaulisms, or racial slurs. My opinion is that it is only a word. Stick and stones comes to mind. While research has shown that verbal assault can be detrimental, I think that it is because we give words so much power. Yes I understand that some words or slurs have been used historically to denigrate certain populations. In particular, the slur that I am talking about is the word "Nigger". Holy shit, I said it. Look at the picture of me. I'm white and I said nigger. God help us. I must be racist. But I'm not. It's only a freaking word, people.

The problem that I have is that a lot of black people get up in arms when a white person says nigger. They say that it is "a hateful word" and that it "brings down the black community." Really? Then why do I hear it said by black people almost every 5 seconds? If you really believe that a word is doing harm to you, then don't bandy it about like it was nothing! What's more, if you're going to persecute a group of people (white people) for saying something that is a racial slur and jump all over them, calling them racist, then don't turn around and refer to them as "honkies," "whiteys," or "crackers." It kind of hurts your position that you are victims of racism if you engage in the same activity. In fact, I think that there's a word for it. It's called hypocrisy.

Please just think before you open your mouth and claim that someone is racist and is persecuting you. Remember it's not reverse racism, it's just plain racism, no matter who does it.

Posted byJ. R. Guinness at 3:10 PM  


drc said... 3:24 PM  

And how can the Wayans make a movie called "White Chicks" and no one make a fuss? If someone had made on called "Black Chicks" under the same premise, it would have been racism!

I agree with what you are saying. It is very hard to understand.

J. R. Guinness said... 3:37 PM  

To add another example of the way that race relations are screwed up in this country is the channel B.E.T. Look at it. That's an acronym. Those letters stand for "Black Entertainment Television." Now, if I wanted to start up a competing channel called "White Entertainment Television" or W.E.T, there would be a field day. I would be called a racist and denounced by the N.A.A.C.P. and Al Sharpton, as well as other minority leaders.

Anonymous said... 2:20 PM  

How right you are!! This really is about applying standards to one group of people and no standards for another group of people (i.e. standards for whites and Republicans and no standards for blacks and Democrats).

Remember what happened to Trent Lott when he spoke highly of Strom Thurmond during his 100th birthday celebration. After all said and done, he eventually lost his leadership role (Senate Majority Leader) in the Senate. Contrast that with what Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, or other prominent democrats said about George Bush (he is acting like Hitler, he has lied to America, etc.) during this most recent campaign. Or, what the left wing press is doing to Condi Rice since being nominated to be Secretary of State. Imagine what would happen to Fox or other conservative outlets if they were trashing a Democratic nominee who happens to be black and female.

This should not suprise anyone. These are times we live in.

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